All computer services which aspire to the status of being high-quality operations require considerable bandwidth, and the proper kind of connections and equipment, as well as the implementation of additional security and back-up solutions. Our severs are connected to the Internet by means of Polpak T optical-fibre connections which offer total bandwidth of 12 Mbps. We also use a 10-Mbps optical-fibre connection to the POL34 network and a 2-Mbps radio-frequency connection to GTS network (Internet Partners). In total it gives you a 24-Mbps connection to three independent network operators. Such a bandwidth enables you to work efficiently with the use of the current number of servers that we support.

We are planning to expand our network regularly with the increase of orders for server space. Our decision to use Polpak T connections resulted from the fact that they offer high operational stability and significantly better technical parameters in comparison with the connections offered by other, sometimes much cheaper providers, as well as from the fact that the vast majority of customers use the Internet access provided by TPSA.


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